“Speaking numbers” and their use

Posted by on 7 Apr 2021

Teachers: Sabrina Nappi in collaboration with Mario Di Fonza and Riccardo Di Pietro
Students: 14-16 years

Analysing situations and problems of daily life with the aim of their mathematical formalization, we naturally introduce mathematical concepts and tools. Reading and interpreting data in a chart or, vice versa, filling in a chart with provided data, is not always so easy for our students.


“Speaking numbers” and their use – Part 2

Statistics: Sustainable development goals 

Exercises about sustainable development goals of the Agenda 2030

After watching the introductory video about sustainable development goals, students will solve the exercises. When they are done with that, the following activity will be a mutual challenge in groups about creating problems whose structure is the same one as the sustainability themes previously carried out. They will develop this activity focusing on goals number 2,5,12,13.